Love Your Smile

Many people in Phoenix think cosmetic dentistry is only for two groups of people: those with hideously disfigured teeth and those who are extremely vain. They couldn’t be more wrong! The idea of cosmetic dentistry is not to cater to the conceited or to make “ugly” people more beautiful, but to help every patient love his or her smile. Sometimes that means correcting a minor flaw in a single tooth; other times it means a complete dental makeover. Whatever the situation, there are many procedures the dentists at Harris Dental in Phoenix use to assist their patients in feeling more confident about their smiles.

The most common and least invasive procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry is tooth whitening. This covers everything from cleaning stains off tooth enamel to lightening teeth by several shades. With several options to choose from, you can brighten your smile in whatever manner is most convenient for you. Some patients choose a take-home tooth whitening product, while others opt for a whitening procedure done at the dentist’s office. Either way, you can get exceptional results.

Veneers are another staple of cosmetic dentistry. Custom made veneers can be used to mask extreme discoloration, close gaps, and cover broken or chipped teeth. While some people choose to have veneers bonded to every tooth to completely change their appearance, most people get one or two veneers at a time to correct a minor misalignment or restore teeth that have been damaged.

Phoenix residents with serious dental concerns may be interested in another area of cosmetic dentistry: dental implants. These are an option for people with severely damaged, disfigured, lost or broken teeth, as well as for anyone who wants to dramatically change the look of their smile.

Regardless of the procedure used, cosmetic dentistry gives many people in Phoenix something to smile about!