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Welcome to Harris Dental

For nearly 40 years, Harris Dental has built a reputation for providing personalized care with genuine concern and the optimum in state-of-the-art dentistry. Whatever your reason for putting off improving your oral health and smile, be it time constraints, lack of resources or fear, the reality is, we can help!

The health and appearance of your smile plays a huge role in your confidence. We’ve found that some people have a really hard time being ultra-confident when they feel like they don’t have a healthy, beautiful smile. For this reason, we’ve developed a journey to improve your smile and elevate your oral health by creating a plan that you are comfortable with. Come see us, and you’ll find that Harris Dental truly delivers an incredible experience at our Phoenix office.

Harris Team
Nothing brings confidence like a bright, healthy smile. And never have there been more ways to get the smile you’ve always wanted. While each patient is unique—some need simple whitening, while others require more extensive treatment—the good news is, anyone can have a smile they love to share. Learn More

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With Dental Implants, we can replace your missing teeth at our Phoenix location. Soon you can enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with a complete and healthy set of strong teeth. Learn More

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Harris Dental goes to great lengths to assure your comfort and peace-of-mind while we take care of you. We can provide mild sedatives to calm apprehension and assure your comfort, particularly during long cosmetic or restorative procedures. Our dentists and technicians are DOCS Certified, so you can be assured our sedation protocols are completely safe. Learn More

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The benefits of dental wellness go far beyond a beautiful smile. We diligently attend to all aspects of oral health, from regular check-ups to proper hygiene, from correct alignment to strong and healthy gums—all to support an overall healthier you. Learn More

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Patient Testimonials

Sarah’s Story

“It has changed my confidence in many ways. I can smile more. [Dr. Joe Harris] has changed my life in more ways than I can ever tell him.”

Chelsea’s Story

“It’s just the most happiness I’ve ever felt in my life. I just… I feel like I smile whenever I want and I’ll like the way my smile looks and that’s such a good feeling cause it’s hard not wanting to smile when you’re happy, so just being able to smile whenever I feel like it is such a great feeling.”

Erica’s Story

“I never thought I would see my teeth like this. I feel like now I can really shine.”

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