Let’s Take Care Of Those Tooth Stains

Phoenix Teeth Bleaching

Maybe you’ve always wanted a dazzling, movie star smile. Or maybe your teeth have just grown dull with the passage of time. Whatever motivates you, you’re one of millions who want to brighten their smiles with teeth whitening, like the professional whitening at Harris Dental in Phoenix.

The effectiveness of teeth whitening depends partly on the types of stains.

Extrinsic tooth stains are the best to remove. These surface stains have not yet penetrated through the enamel into the dentin. Extrinsic stains are caused by dark-colored foods and beverages like blueberries, carrots, coffee, red wine, and cola. And nicotine is no better for your smile than it is for your lungs.

Intrinsic tooth stains develop from the inside out. Tooth injury or tetracycline are the usual culprits. Intrinsic stains are harder to remove, but it is possible to lighten them.

You can take years off your appearance with professional teeth whitening from Harris Dental in Phoenix. It’s among our most popualr cosmetic dentistry procedures. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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