Is A Tooth Implant The Same As A Dental Crown?

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What’s the difference between a dental implant and a crown? The relationship can be confusing. At Harris Dental in Phoenix they can be combined in one procedure. And both can be used with other dental restorations.

Let’s clear up the confusion.

1. A dental implant can act as a foundation for a crown.

A complete implant/crown procedure includes a strong metal post (artificial root), abutment (connecting piece), and crown.

2. A crown can be used to protect a damaged tooth.

Removing decay weakens the tooth. Once the decay is removed, a filling may not be enough to restore necessary strength. Likewise, after a root canal procedure, the remaining tooth may need strengthening. A crown may be used in both of these circumstances. A durable dental crown protects the remaining tooth, allows normal function, and prevents shifting of the surrounding teeth

3. A crown can be attached to a dental bridge.

When a tooth has been taken out, a dental bridge may be used to restore part of it. The reason we say ‘part’ is because a dental bridge does not restore the root of the tooth. A crown can be used with a dental bridge to restore the visible part of the missing tooth. A dental bridge used to replace one tooth requires the removal of tooth structure from adjacent teeth. With a bridge, it warrants three crowns to replace one missing tooth!

When it comes to replacing lost teeth, dental implants from Harris Dental in Phoenix are state-of-the-art. Other services include complete general dentistry. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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