General and Family Dentistry in Phoenix

general and family dentistry Phoenix

When you do an Internet search for a dentist, you may comes across the terms “family dentist” and “general dentist.” You mean there’s a difference? At Harris Dental in Phoenix AZ, we’re going to explain.

There is indeed a difference, but it’s a subtle one. The main differenced is in the age of patients. A family dentist, as the term makes plain, can treat everyone in your family, from children to parents, and on through their parents.

General and family dentists are both concerned with the dental health of their patients. That means treating issues involving the teeth and gums. There is a strong emphasis on good oral hygiene.

A family dental practice is a one-stop practice. That saves parents from having to take your ten-year-old to one dentist, and your sixteen-year old – and yourself – to another.

Above all, family dentists are able to focus on the unique dental needs of children. Not only does a family dentist understand how young teeth change as children grow. They also understand and respect the fact that a lot of kids are afraid of going to the dentist, so they take that into account in regards to their approach and the atmosphere of the office.

At Harris Dental in Phoenix AZ, we specialize in general dentistry, which, at our practice, encompasses both terms. People from Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and Mesa also come to us for cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. Contact us today!

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