Dental Retainers


Having a perfect set of teeth is certainly a blessing. However not all of us are so blessed and we can have alignment problems. Dentists use retainers to help align teeth and get them back to their perfect setting.

Typically, a dental retainer is made with a wire that can be fixed or temporary, and can be attached to the back of the teeth. Sometimes retainers can be made of plastic as well. The whole purpose of wearing a retainer is to maintain the alignment of the teeth. Often they are worn after the work of the braces are complete. Retainers, which are put inside the dental arch, help to take care of the teeth even when outside factors can spoil the alignment.
Why Wear a Dental Retainer?

According to dentists, dental retainers are a boon for those with badly aligned teeth. The work of a retainer starts after the work of braces is finished. They help to stabilize any form of movement of the teeth. The length of the retainer is determined by your dentist and mostly spans the length of your teeth with a special focus on areas that have an alignment problem. These retainers are removable to allow you to easily clean your teeth as well as the retainer. Removable retainers are often worn for less than a year. On the other hand, permanent or fixed retainers often stay on the teeth for at least two years. It all depends on a case to case basis as to what kind of retainers are recommended for your particular needs.
Care for a Retainer

However, one needs to be careful with dental retainers. They can possibly break or get damaged if hit with something hard. So it is always good to be careful as to not drop them, or to avoid wearing them in any form of combat sport. There are specific retainers made specially for contact sports. Dental retainers can be maintained easily with just regular cleaning and proper handling. A little care, and they can give you back your perfect set of teeth.