Hygienist – Mesa


Hi there, I’m Amber. I’m obsessed with Crystal Light and Hot Tamales. Now that that’s out in the open let me properly introduce myself. I have been a dental hygienist since 2001. I have a motto in life “Everything happens for a reason”. When the opportunity came for me to work at Harris Dental, I’d like to say I jumped at the chance. I did not. Crazy right?! After weighing my options and discussing things with Dr Brian….several times….I decided to come on board. That’s when the light came on! Everything does truly happen for a reason and working with the team at Harris Dental has been extraordinary. My top priority is to help patients achieve dental health through education and coaching.

Want to know more about me? I was born in a small town of Minnesota and moved to Arizona when I was 9 years old. I’m a proud mama of 3 kids (two brainy jocks and a dancing diva). I have my high school soulmate to share this parenting role with. I have a big heart for animals. Being a good samaritan. Love roller coasters. I’m a determined dreamer and believe in being prepared. A show I won’t miss is So You Think You Can Dance. (I’ve been to 5 of their tours.) I love all kinds of music, but please don’t ask me “who sings this” because I promise I won’t know.

A dream of mine had always been to go on a dental mission. Through Harris Dental that dream was fulfilled in 2014 when a group of us went to the Dominican Republic to provide dental care to those in need. It was the most rewarding and humbling experience and I hunger to go back. I’m looking forward to meeting you! Oh and by the way, we have a hidden candy drawer in our office.

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