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Laser dentistry using a dental laser with a Phoenix dentist near Scottsdale and Queen Creek

A common concern is the smile that shows more gums than teeth. Many feel self-conscious when smiling and laughing, embarrassed that their teeth seem too short and their gums seem too long. Perhaps you share this concern.

If so, then Harris Dental has good news for you. We practice the art of Laser Dentistry, using modern technology and techniques to reshape the gum line to create stunning smiles. Using our precise and delicate Soft Tissue Dental Laser System, our dentists safely and painlessly remove excess gum tissues while aesthetically lengthening the beautiful teeth beneath them. After one visit you will smile with more teeth and less gums. Best of all, the results are immediate and the healing and recovery time is shorter than other procedures.

If you have been living with the discouragement of a disproportionate gum line, contact Harris Dental right away. Ask about what we can do to put more teeth—and more confidence—into your smile.

Our team is proud to offer this wonderful dental technology as an option to our patients seeking gum recontouring treatment. Laser dentistry has been a fantastic tool in modern dentistry, and continues to improve the lives of countless people.

Laser dentistry can also be used for more than just aesthetic dentistry. It can be used to help diagnose cavities and even treat gum disease! The dental laser is a very versatile tool that can often take the place of a dental drill to provide patients with more comfort, faster recovery, and added precision and efficiency.

We are excited to be able to offer laser dentistry to help you and your loved ones achieve your dental goals. If you have further questions about how laser dentistry can help your oral health and your smile, please contact us today! We offer our laser dentistry at our offices in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

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