DURAthin Veneers

Dental Veneers For A Beautiful Smile in Phoenix

In keeping with the Harris Dental tradition of providing cutting edge dental treatments to our patients, our doctors have been certified in a new dental veneers procedure that can help you get the beautiful smile you have always wanted. This great new type of porcelain veneer is called DURAthin.

DURAThin dental veneers are special, very thin pieces of porcelain designed to adhere to your teeth without having to remove tooth enamel for placement. This means that we can help you design the beautiful smile of your dreams with no discomfort and no need to alter your natural teeth!

DURAthin dental veneers are handcrafted for Harris Dental by a world-class porcelain artisan so that they will match and enhance the quality of your teeth and your smile. Each DURAthin porcelain veneer is made to replicate precisely the nuances, colors and contours of natural teeth. Once your new DURAthin dental veneers have been made, our doctors will carefully bond them to your teeth, effectively beautifying your smile at one of our practices in the Phoenix area, including Mesa and Scottsdale.

Who is a good candidate for DURAthin veneers?

If you have ever had any of these issues with your smile, you may be a good candidate for this type of porcelain veneer:

If you have a narrow smile

Having a smile that looks narrow can prove to be distracting and make those with narrow smiles feel self conscious. Narrow smiles can be corrected with DURAthin veneers.

If your teeth are worn down

Having worn down teeth can make your beautiful smile look diminished. We can help correct this by using DURAthin dental veneers.

If you have had teeth extracted because of orthodontia

If you had to have teeth extracted when you had braces, DURAthin veneers can be used to help fix gaps caused by tooth extractions.

DURAthin revolutionary technology has truly changed the way we approach cosmetic dentistry. If you have more questions about DURAthin veneers or our other porcelain veneer options, please contact us today! We have offices throughout the Phoenix area, including Mesa and Scottsdale.

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