Reduce Tooth Erosion and Restore Enamel


If there is a strongest substance in our body – tooth enamel it is. Not only does it keep our teeth look glisteningly white, the hard layer protects the teeth in more ways than one. But, the enamel can erodes, and teeth become sensitive and exposed to infections and other issues. Thinning, or erosion of the tooth enamel, is a phenomenon that can be mild or severe.

Tooth erosion can be attributed to diet. Consumption of too much acidic food can cause tooth erosion. Those who are in the habit of consuming sugar based foods can also be in danger of dental erosion, as the bacteria gets attracted to the sticky sugar that attaches itself to the dental enamel. Reduced saliva generation also causes a dry mouth which does not neutralize the acid production. This causes the leftover food particles in the crevices to remain in the mouth, and therefore lead to tooth erosion. There are some medical situations that can also be the cause of thinning enamel. Alcoholism, bulimia, acid reflux, heartburn and acidity can also be the cause of the problem.
Symptoms of Tooth Erosion

It is rather easy to detect dental erosion or thinning of the tooth enamel. The teeth become overtly sensitive when consuming food at extreme temperatures – like hot and cold. The teeth can look yellow as also may have some chips and cracks as well, showing the weakening of the teeth enamel. In some severe cases, tooth decay, might also be evident.
Remedies for Tooth Erosion

To begin with, it is important to focus on one’s diet. Proper dental care is the key to preventing erosion of tooth enamel. Avoid extreme sugary food and acidic ones as well. If you do have to consume acidic food that is predominantly liquid, use a straw and avoid direct contact with the teeth to the extent possible. Strengthen the enamel by using fluoride enriched toothpaste. Use a soft bristled toothbrush, so that the damage is mitigated. This will certainly help prevent erosion. At the same time if certain portions of your teeth have been affected, it may help to get a dental sealant applied to avoid further damage. It would also be necessary to set up an appointment with the dentist and get the necessary medications if needed.