Implant Dentist Scottsdale

An implant dentist does so much more than just perform the required surgery. Scottsdale patients who visit an implant dentist will see that the procedure goes well beyond just implanting restorations to fill holes in their smile.

The first thing an implant dentist will do is determine if a Scottsdale patient is even a good candidate to receive dental implants. In order to be a good candidate, the patient must be in good overall health, especially regarding his or her teeth and gums. If there is a health concern, or the gums and surrounding teeth are in need of attention, they must be addressed before moving forward with the procedure. Additionally, if there is not sufficient jaw bone to support an implanted root, the Scottsdale implant dentist will recommend that the patient receive a bone graft before continuing. This will supplement the existing bone, providing a strong foundation for the restoration.

Next, the surgery will be performed to install one or more titanium “roots” which will support the final restoration(s). Titanium is used not only for its strength and durability, but because of its unique ability to fuse with bone. These roots will act like the roots of your natural teeth, anchoring an artificial tooth to the jaw and making it a permanent part of your smile.

Once the roots are in place and sufficient healing has taken place, the restorations can be placed. These are carefully crafted to match your existing teeth in both color and shape, which ensures that they look as natural as possible. Whether you receive an individual restoration or a bridge (several artificial teeth attached to one another), Harris Dental, your Scottsdale implant dentist will ensure that it is a flawless fit and that you are completely satisfied with the results.