Causes of Oral Cancer and How to Prevent it From Happening to You


Cancer is a disease which is highly feared by the masses due to its deadly nature. When people think of cancer they imagine the types which are most commonly discussed such as lung cancer, skin cancer, or leukemia. It is unfortunate that no person can be entirely assured that they are safe from the multiplication of abnormal cell growth which is known as cancer. It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as routinely perform self examinations, and meet with a medical expert to screen yourself for possible cancer development.

Many people visit a dentist for annual checkups to make sure that their teeth and mouth are in good health, and may recall their dentist mentioning that they did a quick screening for possible oral cancers. Screening for oral cancer is extremely important because it is always good to discover cancer while it is in its early stages to allow those who are diagnosed to begin treatment before the cancer develops further. Unfortunately, many people overlook the fact that there is a possibility of developing an oral cancer, which can be just as deadly as many of the other potential types of cancer.

What causes cancer of the mouth?

There are many things that may cause a person to develop oral cancer. Smoking cigarettes is commonly associated with causing many types of cancer, but is most infamous for being the number one cause of lung cancer in the United States. Many people may not inhale smoke when they use cigarettes or cigars and feel that they are free from any risk of developing cancer. It has become well known in the medical field that tobacco smoke may harm any body tissue that it makes contact with. The use of chewing tobacco and tobacco pouches are greater contributors to the development of oral cancers. Excessive exposure to sunlight may cause cancer of the lips, which are constantly exposed to harmful radiation which is exerted from the sun.

People who have a family history of cancer are at greater risk of developing oral cancer than those who have no cases of cancer in their family history.

What you can do to help avoid oral cancer

It is important to take precautions when you want to avoid the possibility of developing mouth cancer. Abstaining from the use of tobacco products is a simple task one can perform to avoid developing an oral cancer. Alcohol consumption is another cause of oral cancer, and it is important to drink in moderation. It is also a good idea to practice good oral hygiene such as responsibly brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouth wash. Be sure to use a protective balm on your lips to reduce damage from the suns rays. Always speak to your doctor or dentist if you have any questions regarding how to avoid developing cancer in your mouth.