Becoming A Cosmetic Dentist

Some people in Phoenix might wonder how a person gets into cosmetic dentistry as a career. The pursuit this profession begins with obtaining a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Many Phoenix residents who intend to have a career in cosmetic dentistry will choose a science based major, such as biology or human anatomy, while others lean more toward other fields, such as psychology, nutrition, or engineering. Whatever major they choose, future dental students should take pre-dental courses (including chemistry, biology, and physics) in order to prepare for and be accepted by the dental school of their choice. They will also be required to take an entry exam called the DAT (dental admissions test) before they can apply for dental schools. Good grades and a high score on the DAT are important, since dental school admissions can be very competitive. Once accepted to dental school, a new student will spend at least four years learning about dentistry (cosmetic and otherwise) and medicine, both in a classroom setting and through hands on clinical training. After such rigorous training, students will then take a licensing exam. They may also be required to take an ethics exam before being allowed to practice cosmetic dentistry in the state of their choice. If they pass both of these tests, students receive licensure to begin working in their chosen field of study.

Drs. Joseph, Brian, and

  • Scott Harris of Harris Dental in Phoenix each attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry to receive their D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree. The doctors continue to increase their knowledge about cosmetic dentistry through joining certain dental organizations, taking continuing education classes, and receiving specialized training. You can read more about Drs. Harris under the “Our Team” link on our website.