Benefits of Tooth Veneers


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Benefits of Tooth Veneers in Phoenix

Dental veneers in Phoenix patient of Dr. HarrisEveryone wants a dazzling smile and the confidence that goes with it. If your smile is not as bright or straight as you wish, consider dental veneers to restore your smile. This is an option that people from all walks of life are taking advantage of today! Veneers are a fantastic way to restore your smile for several reasons:

  • Improves the Appearance of Your Teeth – These porcelain shells can cover any discolored or misshapen teeth to restore a brilliant smile.
  • Durability – Veneers are durable. With proper care, veneers can be a long-lasting way to restore your smile.
  • Quick and Easy – Placing veneers is not time-consuming. From scanning to hardening the cement, a short process restores your smile quickly. This process is like “instant orthodontics”! Rather than taking months or years to fix minor problems, veneers give you the appearance of a straighter smile immediately.

For your convenience, we also offer Prepless Veneers. These handcrafted, porcelain shells are put onto your teeth without the buffing process, to get you smiling even faster.

If you are interested in either traditional or Prepless Veneers, call our office to schedule an appointment today. We are prepared to give you a dazzling smile!


Do veneers feel awkward?

You will notice a difference in texture and shape as you run your tongue over the veneers, but the change should not be odd or uncomfortable.

Do tooth veneers look natural?

Veneers are made from tooth-colored porcelain to look natural. We match the shade of your veneers to the rest of your teeth to ensure they blend in well.

Do dental veneers stain?

The dental porcelain is fairly stain-resistant, though you may want to avoid drinks that can stain any of your teeth easily (red wine, tea, coffee).

Do dental veneers require special care?

You should care for your veneers the way you do the rest of your teeth. Brush and floss regularly. Avoid chewing ice, popcorn kernels, or other foods that can crack any of your teeth. Following these guidelines should keep your veneers in good condition.

Improve Your Smile Fast with Porcelain Veneers in Phoenix!

Before and after dental veneer treatment in Phoenix.

Dental veneers can quickly and dramatically improve the look of your smile. Call, text, or email us today to schedule an appointment to see if dental veneers are right for you!

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