Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Many people have feared dental procedures since dentistry became a practice, and nearly any person you come across will admit to fearing the dentist at some point in their life. This fear can be devastating to a person’s oral health because it tends to cause them to avoid dental appointments, and necessary corrective procedures. Dentists have acknowledged the overwhelming fear that their patients face before appointments, which is why sedation dentistry is becoming a standard practice when needed in modern dentistry.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Decades ago, the only use of sedation in dentistry was using a gas to calm patients before certain procedures without a prior medical screening. Modern sedation dentistry approaches a patient’s anxiety in a safer, more informed manner which will vary and work for each person individually. An added benefit of modern sedation dentistry is that it keeps patients calm, which allows the dentist to perform more quickly and efficiently.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Modern sedation dentistry practices always begin with an overall health screening which includes your dentist evaluating your medical history. Careful considerations are made to decide which sedation technique will be the most safe and effective for you. The common sedatives such as benzodiazepines may be taken before, or at the time of an appointment to alleviate your anxiety as needed. Other sedation techniques may include the use of traditional gas sedation, or an intravenous (IV) delivery.

Your comfort is a high priority at Harris Dental, which is why we safely follow the best modern sedation dentistry practices. Talk to your dentist about your fear of dental procedures, and we will help you overcome your fear while providing fantastic dental care.

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