Hey guys, I’m Jenn. Mom to a handsome boy who is WAY too smart for his own good (he gets that from his Dad), a free spirited, whimsical, blue-eyed little girl and wife to the luckiest guy in the world! Kidding! I’m the lucky one.

I have a BA in Marketing – Graphic Design emphasis. The second I realized that I could use graphic design to free the ideas in someone’s head, as well as my own, I never looked back! Here at Harris Dental, I have the best of both worlds. I get to lose myself in the therapeutic outlet of design and create the ultimate super cool experience for our patients, so they continue to choose us and recommend us, for life!

Outside of Harris Dental, I am a Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Coach, and CrossFitter… I wear many hats and I’m always on the go. I couldn’t do ANY of it without the rockstar I wake up to each morning. Born and raised in sunny San Diego. I love to learn new things, read, travel and collect moments with my family. I was raised to DO THINGS, try everything (at least once) and love big time. I’m a hugger, I have an addiction to gum-balls and candy (reason #27 why I work for a dentist), I have an uncontrollable laugh that starts at the most inappropriate times (e.g. a funeral or work meeting – so embarrassing) and I’ll bet money I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue faster than you can.

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