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All-On-4 dentures and denture implants with a dentist in Phoenix

Missing teeth at any point in your life can age your appearance as well as negatively impact your health. We want to help maintain your confidence as well as your health by providing you with dentures. While implants, crowns, and bridges are the most durable and functional replacement for lost teeth, they are not always the best solution for every patient. For many reasons, including health and expense, dentures are still a practical way to restore dental health. You can improve your ability to eat and speak and also regain the confidence that comes with a bright smile!

Harris Dental can advise you on the most sensible way to bring back the many benefits of fully functioning teeth. From partial dentures to full extractions and replacement dentures, we will provide the care that makes the most sense for you at our Phoenix area practice.

Denture Options We Offer

Dentures are a wonderful way to get your smile back. We know you have unique needs, so we offer a few different denture options, including:

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures remain a popular option for many of our patients who want to get their smiles back. These are adhered to your gums to restore both the appearance and functionality of your mouth. We offer high-end custom dentures that look beautiful and function properly. We conduct follow-up visits to ensure your dentures continue to fit well, so you stay happy and healthy.

Implant Supported Dentures

This type of denture uses dental implants in your jaw bone to help anchor your dentures solidly and securely. Denture implants act like tooth roots, so you never have to worry about slippage, clicking, or other situations with dentures coming loose. This means fewer inconveniences or embarrassing moments. This also means fewer follow-up visits to make adjustments to your dentures. Denture implants make your dentures a permanent and effective smile solution.


All-on-4 is another form of implant-supported dentures. However, with All-on-4, you can get your denture implants placed and your dentures in as quickly as a single day! We are excited about this option because we want to get you back to living your life as soon as we can. If you are concerned about having to wait around for your dentures, then All-on-4 dental implants could be your best option.

Get Back Your Bite and Smile – Schedule a Denture Consultation in Phoenix!

Even after receiving dentures of any type, you will need to brush your gums and tongue daily. Maintaining good oral hygiene will keep you happy and healthy. Your dentures will need some special care too. Remember to brush them gently with an ADA approved cleanser, and store them in a covered glass of water when not in use. Adding these practices to your oral hygiene routine will keep your dentures looking great, which means continued health and confidence for you!

Whichever denture type you choose, we are ready to give you the care you deserve at our Phoenix location. Our skilled team works hard to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for all of our patients so that when you come to have dentures made at Harris Dental, you’ll receive top-quality care.

We want to make your transition to dentures easy and comfortable. We are ready to answer your questions about dentures and denture options. Contact us today at our office in Phoenix!

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