Why Veneers?

Veneers are a great choice for people in Phoenix who wish to correct dental issues such as slightly crooked teeth or permanently discolored enamel, especially for those who are squeamish about most dental procedures. Because very little of the tooth’s original structure is removed in preparation for applying veneers, the procedure requires minimal drilling and little or no local anesthesia.

While some orthodontic procedures can be extremely invasive and often take months or even years for teeth to be realigned, veneers provide a quick fix for smiles that are slightly uneven. They can be used to change the appearance of teeth to make them look straighter. For example, a gap between two teeth can sometimes be closed by applying veneers that are only slightly larger than the original teeth. In fact, in some cases where gaps have been created by undersized teeth rather than by misalignment, veneers are actually a better corrective option than traditional orthodontics. Chipped, broken, or teeth that have worn down over time can also be repaired through the use of veneers when the damage to the tooth is not too extensive.

Teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures might also benefit from veneers. When teeth become discolored from the inside, or when heavy staining or color damage has occurred, traditional bleaching methods might not be effective. In such cases, a full set of veneers can be used to brighten smiles by several shades. Occasionally this happens to only one tooth instead, making it appear darker or more yellow than the other teeth. This kind of problem can be easily remedied by a single veneer that has been carefully matched to the surrounding teeth.

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