Why Is Dental Digital Radiography So Important?


In today’s world there are many advances in technology that make our lives easier and more convenient. The medical and dental field is a particular area that has seen great leaps in technological advances in even the past 20 years. Many of these technologies include more precise and faster methods of diagnosis and observation. None of these methods are as interesting and convenient as dental digital radiography.

What is Dental Digital Radiography?

Dental digital radiography is a new way that dentist are looking at your mouth and teeth that many people can benefit from. If you recall a trip to the dentist you may remember having to bite down on something while the dentist or oral hygienist uses a large machine to take pictures of the inside of your mouth. This machine is essentially an X-ray machine and is used widely throughout the medical and dental profession. Dental digital radiography is a new form of creating these same images but not by the use of an X-ray machine.

Benefits of Dental Digital Radiography

Dental digital radiography holds more benefits today than using a traditional X-ray based imaging system. If given the opportunity patients should always choose this option over the traditional system for a few reasons.

  • For starters, dental digital radiography is much faster than traditional methods with almost immediate images appearing, unlike X-rays which involve a film that must develop.
  • Dental digital radiography also has much lower levels of radiation emissions and while X-ray based systems are very low and safe less is always better.
  • Dental digital radiography also has the obvious advantage of being digital and can be transferred from the machine with something as simple as a USB cable (inexpensive, common compute cable.) This means immediate feedback on the area of interest and because it is digital it can be emailed and stored in a more secure area.

Dental digital radiography is becoming more and more popular and its benefits are being by patients and dental professionals a like. Next time you visit the dentist ask about this emerging and exciting new method.