Remedies for a Toothache


Despite how much effort we put into taking care of our mouths we occasionally have problems. One of the most common problems that occurs is a simple toothache. Despite the commonality of this problem, its discomfort can persist. There are number of remedies for a toothache that you can try.

Try These 3 Remedies for Toothaches

1. One of the most common remedies for a toothache is clove. Many stores sell clove oil and when applied to the region may help soothe the pain. Some products marketed also contain numbing agents that can help as well.

2. A warm wash cloth on the exterior of the tooth (on the jaw) is another one of the common remedies for a toothache. The heat is soothing and helps divert blood to the area causing a calming and relaxing effect. Using ice cubes can also have a similar effect on your tooth.

3. Of all the remedies for a toothache that exist, the best one is a proactive one. You may have sensitive teeth and eating certain foods that are too hot, too cold, or too acidic may lead to this problem. Be conscious of this and modify your diet if you get frequent tooth aches.

If you constantly find yourself using some of the many remedies for toothaches you should see your dentist to make sure you don’t have a cavity or a problem with your bite (jaw). Being knowledgeable of what can cause pain and what you are sensitive to will help you determine which of the many remedies for toothaches to go with.

Always see your dentist if the problem persists.