Oral Health is Related to Overall Health


Most of us feel that oral health is independent of one’s overall health. That is not so. In reality, oral health is also linked to your overall well-being in general. Your teeth, breath and gums are an indication of how the rest of your well-being is. The telltale signs are important.

There is ongoing research about the fact that bad oral health can be a sign of serious health problems like heart issues and cancer. Your mouth is the hotbed of germs and bacteria, unless taken care of in a proper manner. With that said, the bacteria can flow into the blood stream and play havoc with your overall health if steps are not taken to eliminate them.

Oral Bacteria Can Be a Breeding Ground for Other Health Issues

Often the food that we eat remains stuck in the crevices and hard to brush areas of the teeth. Over time it manifests itself in the form of plaque and gets deposited on the teeth enamel. Over time this takes the form of tarter. The bacteria and fungi that grow there in is the cause of different dental infections as well as cause gum infections. On the face of it, they may seem not to be as harmful, but in reality can also be the cause of deadly oral cancer.

Various Diseases Have Also Been Attributed to Bad Oral Health:

  • Gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer and oral cancer is often attributed to extremes of bad oral health.
  • Various forms of cardiovascular diseases has also been related to bad oral health. The bacteria in the mouth can bring about thickening of the artery walls which in medical terms is called atherosclerosis.
  • Bad oral health could also increase the possibilities of diabetes.

It is therefore imperative to look after your oral health and pay importance to regular hygiene. Make sure to regularize your visits to the dentist and consult him in case a situation persists. Brushing and flossing is something that has to be adhered to meticulously after every major meal irrespective of your busy lifestyle.