Oral Cancer Therapy


It is alarming to know that more than 25,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer in a year. Oral cancer is an abnormal tissue growth in the oral region – mouth, lips, and throat and is primarily considered malignant.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are various factors that can lead to oral cancer. Extensive usage of tobacco and alcohol is attributed to the cause of oral cancer, though research is still in process to know the exact cause. Like other serious diseases, oral cancer does not have stark symptoms. However, some of these symptoms and continuous occurrence can be connected to oral cancer, and need to be checked with your dentist without further delay. It is necessary to look out for continuous pain in the oral region, a throbbing sensation, swollen lumps or bumps, pain while eating chewing or simply moving of the mouth, pain in one ear, sudden bleeding from the oral area and also numbness or lack of sensations. While it can be attributed to other problems, these primarily may be attributed to the possibilities of the existence of cancerous cells in your mouth.

Oral Cancer Therapy and Treatment

It would be wise to consult the dentist if any of these symptoms persists. Dentists may require you to undergo various tests and draw blood samples to confirm the situation. Once a patient is diagnosed of having oral cancer there is nothing to be worried about. Various treatment procedures are adopted. You may be referred to an oncologist dealing with oral cancer. Oral cancer therapy in the form of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery may be advised. The swelling or the malignant tumor that is cancerous is removed. The surgery is a time taking one where part of the jaw bone or the palate is removed. Though it can be a serious surgery, dentists also resort to restorative treatments as post therapy to oral surgery. There can be various side effects as is normal in cancer from the therapy and post-surgery that can also be cured over time and with proper treatment.

It is always advisable to believe in preventing a disease. With that said, make sure to be regular with your daily brushing and flossing and you will remain in the pink of oral health.