Nuts and Bolts of Dental Implants

When people in Phoenix lose a tooth or several teeth, they have a few options. They can leave the unsightly gap alone, they can fill it with removable dentures, or they can get dental implants. The most permanent and natural-looking option is dental implants. Rather than using an unreliable bonding agent to adhere false teeth to gums, dental implants are very similar to real teeth because they are permanently affixed to your jaw. They’re just made of titanium roots and porcelain caps instead of dentin and enamel! The unique properties of titanium make it an ideal material for making dental implants. When this metal is “grafted” into live bone, the bone grows so closely around it that the two are essentially fused together. Dental implants are used by Phoenix dentists as anchors for a single prosthetic tooth, a bridge with several false teeth, or even a full set of dentures.

Circumstances must be just right for dental implants to work. First, there must be sufficient bone in the jaw where the implant will be placed, and that bone must be fairly strong since it needs to both hold and support the implant. If the area is not strong or large enough, a bone graft could be used to supplement the existing bone. Next, the surrounding teeth, gums, and other tissues should be healthy in order to prevent complications. Finally, your Phoenix dentist will need to know if you ever grind or clench your teeth. Because these habits cause undue stress on your teeth and jaws, they could have a negative impact on your dental implants. If this could be a concern for you, be sure to discuss it with your dentist when you come to Harris Dental in Phoenix for a consultation.