Not Your Ordinary Veneers

At Harris Dental in Phoenix, we use two different types of veneers to enhance our patients’ smiles. The first kind—traditional porcelain—is probably the most familiar. These are like porcelain facades for your teeth, and are used to cover up discolorations, chips, and many other dental issues. To apply them, your dentist must first prepare your teeth. That usually requires the removal of some tooth enamel by grinding or drilling in order to create a rough surface for the adhesive to cling to. Because veneers usually add some thickness, a tooth may also need to be slightly reshaped or thinned out so the veneer doesn’t overlap or protrude too far beyond the surrounding teeth. This prep work is usually done at the same time your dentist will take impressions from which the veneer will be created at a professional dental lab. Phoenix dentists have been using porcelain veneers like this for years, and until recently, they were the best option available to patients. Now there is an exciting new alternative for Harris Dental patients in Phoenix: DURAThin veneers.

DURAThin and traditional porcelain veneers are similar in many respects. Both types are hand-crafted specifically to match your own teeth, both in shape and color. Both are made of very strong, durable porcelain that is unlikely to stain or wear down. Both are intended to enhance your smile. The difference is that DURAThin, unlike other options, does not require the same prep work before application. That means your dentist can apply the veneer directly to your tooth rather than roughing up the tooth’s surface ahead of time. And because DURAThin veneers are so thin—similar to contact lenses—they add very little bulk to your original teeth. Schedule a consultation at Harris Dental in Phoenix to see how DURAThin can benefit you.