Improve Gum Health and Prevent Gum Disease

We often take our health for granted. Little do we realize how each part of our body is important to our well-being and everyday living. The importance is not felt till one starts suffering. This applies too for one’s oral health. Oral health not only affects the teeth and the gums, but also our entire physical system. Typically, when one suffers from bad oral health, more often than not the condition of the gums and the teeth are in question. From toothache, to cavities, plaque, gum disease, bleeding gums; the list is endless.

What is gum disease?

So what is gum disease, or what the dentists refer to as periodontal disease? Your teeth are surrounded by a mass of flesh made up of tissues and bones. This is the area that is referred to as the gums. While a lot of importance is given to the teeth, the gums are often neglected. With time, the leftover food in the crevices of the teeth plays havoc and manifests itself in the form of plaque. It also aggravates the possibility of harmful bacteria. The plaque sticks to the teeth and the bacteria causes germs that affect the gums. This causes various problems like constant bleeding, foul smell, painful and sensitive gums and other problems which are painful and hard to tolerate. The bacterium passes onto the blood stream and affects the body in various ways. One can come down with stomach and digestion problems, cardiac issue and diabetic problems.

Why should you be concerned with your gum health?

Lately dentists are concerned about patient’s periodontal health. In a research it has been seen that periodontal diseases lead to a serious heart problems. The bacteria from the mouth mingle with the platelets or the clotting cells in the blood. They get attached to the walls of the blood vessels, thereby increasing the possibilities of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to take the right steps from when periodontal diseases are detected. The bacterium that spreads to different parts of the body due to periodontal disease is also the cause of various forms of ulcers that could cause stomach problems and completely throw your digestive system of gear.

So, what can you do to maintain good gum health?

It is necessary to maintain a good oral health at all times. To prevent the onset of such disease it is required to brush your teeth three to four times in a day, or after every major meal. Brushing is not just enough. Flossing is also an important element that helps keep tooth decay at bay. It extricates and cleanses the food particles from the hard to reach areas in between the teeth, reducing the chances of plaque and bacteria significantly. In addition to this, a healthy lifestyle and good food habits is also a necessity. Try to stay away from excessive consumption of candies, sticky sweet stuff and other consumables that stick to your teeth. They may go unnoticed, but may cause severe damage to your teeth.

Last but not the least, to prevent periodontal diseases make sure that you visit your dentist every so often and get a deep cleaning done along with a thorough check up. After all, there is nothing as precious as good health.