How to Care for Invisalign


Everyday more people are switching from traditional metal braces to clear braces such as Invisalign. The myriad of benefits are widely known to users of these great products and as time goes on they are certain to become the dental standard for braces. While clear braces are great products they do need to be maintained. Today we will explain how to care for Invisalign.

Proper Care For Invisalign

  • Cleaning your clear braces is relatively easy. The first thing you should do is remove your retainer (if it isn’t already out) and rinse it in normal, tap water that is safe for drinking. It is important you use clean water because the retainer will eventually go back into your mouth. Also, be sure not to make the water too hot or too cold as either temperature may damage or warp your retainer.
  • Sometimes all your retainer needs is a quick rinse, but overtime you may need to put in a little extra work. Take a soft bristled tooth brush and gently brush both the inside and outside of your retainer, much like you would brush your own teeth; doing this before the retainer appears dirty will keep it from developing deposits such as tartar or calcium. Remember to rinse the retainer when you are done.
  • If you notice a cloudy, white buildup on your retainer it is likely calcium deposits. You can attempt to remove it with the prescribed gentle brushing, but this doesn’t always get the job done. Soaking your retainer in dental solution can help remove the deposits. Consult with your dentist to help decide which one is best for you.
  • Make sure never to use mouthwash or other non-advised solutions for your retainer as this can stain and damage it. Speaking with your dentist about proper soaking and cleaning solutions is always a good start. Cleaning your retainer before it looks dirty, such as on a daily basis, will help keep it from developing calcium and other deposits that may be stubborn and resistant to cleaning.