Help Your Child Learn the Benefits of Brushing Teeth


Your child is the apple of your eye. He or she is completely dependent on you. As a baby he or she needs that special attention mainly with regard to health, as well as other issues. As they grow old their habits – good or bad – are so formed based on what you inculcate in them or teach them.

With that as a base, it is essential to take extra care of the teeth. As parents, one needs to be extra cautious of the dental health right from the time the tooth surface starts showing. You may think it worth waiting until all of the teeth have surfaced. You should not wait for that, as caring for teeth and showing them the benefits of brushing teeth should start right away even if it tantamount to just cleaning them with your fingers and plain water. At this age, teeth should be cleaned at least once a day and eventually the frequency increased.

Why Start Brushing Teeth Early?

You might be wondering why one needs to start so early. Brushing at an early age helps to prevent the formation of stubborn plaque. It also helps to keep at bay the onset of harmful bacteria which causes teeth decay, and other harmful diseases.

How to Brush Your Child’s Teeth

A pediatric dentist always recommends fluoride based toothpaste for cleansing the teeth of babies. A tiny pea sized amount is good enough for them. You may try using your fingers and gently cleaning them in rotating motion, until they get used to a brush. A soft bristled brush specially made for babies helps to clean effectively. Gently hold the brush at right angles and massage both the teeth and the gums. Do not rush, and do it as easily as you can. Make sure to be as gentle as you can so that your baby does not feel intimidated by the process.

Help them with brushing their teeth or supervise them while doing so until at least they are six. The earlier you instill and teach good habits, the earlier your child learns to abide by them.