Good Laughter Heals

good-laughter-healsIt is a common saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. No matter how depressed or unwell you are, or stressed out, a smile from a child or a friend, or even a passerby is enough to lift your spirits. This is applicable to the young and old equally. Medical studies and research have revealed that good laughter makes you healthy and fit.

Medically speaking, laughter, or smiling also exercises your facial muscles. It is a great exercise while also keeping you happy. It is a positive physical emotion that makes you feel and look better, even if you are unwell. Scientists and researchers around the world have found laughter to be the best of medicines. While being depressed and sad leaves you feeling sick and exhausted, laughter has just the opposite effect. It is contagious and you can start laughing for almost no reason. But then, whoever needs a reason to laugh or smile? You can do it to stay and feel happy!

This certainly proves that laughter is by far the best medicine. In addition to working the facial muscles, good laughter also titillates other portions of your body.

It is seen that the three main parts of the brain work when engaging in good laughter:

  1. Thinking or the cognitive area of the brain that facilitates understanding.
  2. Movement or kinesthetic part for movement in the expression and muscles.
  3. Emotional area that evokes feelings.

So not that we know that laughter IS the best medicine, how does it help us?

  • Improves your mood
  • It is a positive emotion
  • It reduces stress and makes you look forward to what you are doing
  • It improves your body and your mind
  • Reduces anxiety and fear
  • Helps build bridges and builds great relationships

Indulge in activities that bring happiness and improve your physical self. Good laughter is one of them that do this and much more.

Did you laugh today? We want to know what made you laugh in the comments below!