Can Stem Cell Regeneration Be Used to Create New Teeth?

stem-cell-regenerationAlmost anyone who has ever had a cavity or needed a root canal will tell you that the procedure was unpleasant. While the treatment for small cavities may be less harsh, a root canal can be considered to be a surgical procedure which can leave patients in severe pain for weeks. Would you take the option of being able to have a tooth regenerate on its own if you could? Painful dental procedures may become a thing of the past because of findings that continue to rise from adult stem cell regeneration research in animals.

How Stem Cell Regeneration Works

Several studies have focused on extracting a stem cell from the pulp tissue inside of teeth to combine with other proteins and nutrients which promote tissue growth. The gel-like substance that is created through the process will hopefully be able to be injected into teeth to help in regeneration on their own.

How far along is the research?

The research hasn’t gained findings of a full tooth rehabilitation yet, but the process is coming closer to being able to help encourage a stem cell to focus on regenerating specific types of tissue with precision. Several studies have shown promising results in animals such as dogs which may be able to be applied to human teeth.

Scientists are hopeful that their studies can be applied to a breakthrough treatment for stem cell regeneration to help teeth regenerate healthy tissue or even help grow new teeth within a decade. For more information, read the source material of stem cell regeneration here.